Stealth License Plate Frame


Product Description:
First, press the remote control easy, automatic license plate frame covered or open, just two seconds!
Second, the control room, two-light, indoor driving license plate on the frame to know whether the block or open, at a glance!
Indicator shows that:
1, before and after the plane did not cover the plate, the indicator light does not shine.
2, front and rear license plate was covered when the aircraft, "A / B" bright blue light.
3, in front of the plate when the frame was covered, "A" bright light blue.
4, behind the plate when the frame was covered, "B" light bright blue.

About remote plate frame

Remote control of the Company to develop stealth license plate frame, using today's advanced single-chip control technology, sophisticated product design, quality, stability, long service life, suitable for use in high-end cars in the hotel or parking in other places of entertainment can be blocked at any time, meet the privacy needs! To avoid being "electronic eyes" to capture the trouble.
1, the appearance is identical with ordinary plates, the appearance of the effect and the hidden nature very well.
2, adapted to a wide range, can be adapted to a wide range of models.
3, stealth speed, only 2 seconds to complete, fully meet the emergency needs.
4, anti-corrosion performance

Stealth License Plate Frame--Invisible license plate frame

An ordinary license plate rack series

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